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The DDG team is experienced and knowledgeable in change leadership, behavioral economics, and system modeling. Our motto is Facts are Friendly. Using the client’s goals, we employ the technology of simulation to learn what we know from history and mobilize action around what works best going forward.

Kathy Davis Kathy has experience in:
Public Policy
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At Davis Design Group, we provide our clients with innovative tools to design public policy, delivery systems and change strategies.

Using cutting edge technology that represents the best of its kind, we determine and interpret the impact of public policy on the attitudes and actions of people. We offer predictions and forecasts with unprecedented accuracy to improve results in education, health, safety, and economic growth.



SEE - Simulated Education Experience for Indiana
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RWISE - the engine behind see4indiana.com

Using the groundbreaking Reference World Information and Simulation Environment (RWISE) technology, we view the world from the vantage point of the receiver. RWISE describes quantitatively how people are feeling and how they will respond to change.

The result? RWISE allows us to visualize the big picture, and gauge how people will be affected…before change ever occurs.

More information about RWISE

RWISE is an agent-base modeling or gaming technology created by Simulex Inc., located in Purdue Research Park. RWISE is used by the U.S. Government and its allies to guide actions to relieve political stress around the world. The technology is an invaluable strategic tool for U.S. defense and diplomacy.

In pursuit of Lumina Foundation’s Big Goal (increasing the percentage of Americans with high-quality degrees and credentials to 60% by 2025) Davis Design Group earned a grant to build SEE for Indiana using RWISE technology.

Partners in the project include the Indiana Business Research Center, Indiana Commission for Higher Education, the State Student Assistances Commission of Indiana, Indiana Department of Workforce Development, and Indiana Department of Education.

Assembling data about people, organizations, institutions, economies, and infrastructure onto one common platform

Creating simulated people, with behavioral and demographic traits, and their sense of well being where they live

Mining census and health data, opinion barometers and media to develop and maintain an accurate picture of our communities

Quantifying the impact over time of policy changes and investments in people and infrastructure

Providing simulations as training tools for change leaders and service providers

Click here to learn more about our current project utilizing the RWISE technology, see4indiana.org.

SEE™ is a registered trademark of intellectual property developed by Davis Design Group LLC, powered by Simulex Reference World Information and Simulation Environment (RWISE), with funding provided by Lumina Foundation.

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Kathy Davis graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering and began her professional career at Cambridge Collaborative, Inc. For two years she was a consultant in acoustics, modeling submarines and analyzing vibration transmission to improve design. read more »